Protecting components with new IP67 series enclosures

06-04-2021 | BCL Enclosures | Subs & Systems

Protecting PCBs from the elements is the job of the B0 Series of IP67 enclosures from BCL Enclosures. Ensuring continued functioning of electronic circuit boards, these IP67-rated enclosures are made completely dust and particulate tight with a vacuum seal, protecting contents against the consequences of full immersion in up to 1m of water for as long as 30 minutes. There are many applications for the series, including in industrial and marine environments.

The series is constructed in tough ABS plastic and is offered in four sizes with either standard 53mm deep or extra deep 78mm bases. Sizes available are: B01 models – 80mm high x 73mm wide; B02 models – 80mm high x 106mm wide; B03 models - 80mm high x 139mm wide; B04 models – 80mm high x 172mm wide. PCBs can be retained internally, either horizontally or vertically, through mounting slots. The enclosures provide M20 threaded cable knockouts and supplied complete with four captive plastic screws. Unique snap-on DIN rails and flange brackets are offered.

The colours of the enclosures are grey and black. Bases and lids of the same size can be mixed and matched to create the desired combination. Transparent lids are also offered in each model size for ease of component inspection when needed.

By Natasha Shek