New fuse holder for PCB and thru-hole mounting

29-04-2021 | Hylec-APL | Subs & Systems

Hylec-APL has released a new 5mm x 20mm PCB fuse holder, the DFH02, for PCB or thru-hole mounting. The device provides a transparent insulation cover which gives protection for the fuse and makes installation and removal easy.

Suitable for application in all types of circuits, the fuse holders give a secure and safe method for mounting fuses on all types of PCBs and remove the problems linked with employing fuse clips on a PCB. Simpler to install than fuse clips, the fuse holders are also low-cost and provide a reliable electrical and mechanical connection.

The 22.6mm pitch device may be mounted directly to the PCB in horizontal orientation or thru-hole mounted for vertical orientation. Electrical rating is 6.3A at 250VAC maximum.

The base material is thermoplastic, PA66 glass-filled, providing mechanical strength and superior dimensional stability. It meets UL94V-0 flame-retardancy standards. The transparent insulation cover is rated UL94-V2.

Dimensions of the base are 13.5mm high off the PCB, width 9mm, 22mm long. The pin pitch is 22.6mm. The total height with cover off the PCB is 15mm.