High-end automotive microcontrollers for electrical body applications

13-04-2021 | Mouser Electronics | Automotive & Transport

Renesas Electronics RH850/F1K High-end Automotive Microcontrollers are part of the RH850/F1x series designed for automotive electrical body applications. The devices are available now from Mouser. The microcontrollers offer low power consumption with an internal flash memory range from 768KB to 2MB. These high-end automotive microcontrollers include a CAN FD interface and a 120MHz CPU operating frequency in a 100 to 176-pins package.

This 32-bit single-chip microcontroller with a G3KH CPU core provides high computational processing power. It also offers a wide variety of internal peripheral functions. The Low Power Sampler (LPS) polls signal inputs without CPU core interaction, and DeepSTOP mode disables power to select circuits within the chip. Package options provide from 100 to 176 pins.

Typical application areas include car body, body control module, automotive gateway, automotive HVAC, and automotive lighting modules.