Comprehensive choice of sensors for use in factory automation applications

22-04-2021 | RS Components | Test & Measurement

RS Components has expanded its popular RS PRO sensors range to provide customers a comprehensive choice of sensors for factory automation applications. The range comprises high-quality sensors and accessories that give exceptional reliability and great value.

These ultrasonic proximity sensors and fibre optical sensors complement the existing photoelectric proximity sensors (through-beam, retro-reflective and diffuse), inductive proximity sensors and capacitive proximity sensors. Depending on the sensor technology chosen, these products can be employed to detect an extensive range of materials, including metals, paper, plastics, liquids, powders and particles. They are excellent for inclusion into quality and verification systems.

As well as all these sensor options, the range includes a wide selection of load cells, thermocouples, rotary encoders, sensors switches and cables. It also incorporates vital accessories such as mounting brackets and a sensor tester switch. This makes it simple for engineers responsible for testing, design or maintenance to source compatible products from a single supplier to satisfy all their automation demands.

All of the company's products are reviewed against demanding international standards, examined for durability and consistency and tested by leading engineers. They are covered by the RS PRO Seal of Approval. They are supplied with a three-year warranty to show their ability to achieve the quality, reliability and durability needed to perform effectively in industrial environments.

Applications range from product manufacturing, laboratories, and food and beverage production to automated packaging and distribution warehouses.

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