Time-sensitive networking solutions for industrial automation

02-03-2021 | NXP | Semiconductors

NXP has released its integrated Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) solutions for industrial automation, now supporting the CC-Link IE TSN protocol and combining gigabit Ethernet bandwidth with TSN to strengthen time-sharing communication, security, performance, and functionality for industrial Ethernet.

With CC-Link IE TSN certified support on the company's LS1028A industrial applications processor as well as i.MX RT1170 crossover MCU under certification gives scalable solutions to fuel next-generation communications of cyber-connected factories in the Industry 4.0 revolution.

The company collaborated with port industrial automation GmbH to provide the full CC Link IE TSN Layer 2 communication stack on the devices. Combined, it offers scalable solutions for real-time control powered by the i.MX RT1170 and high-performance control using the LS1028A. Factory automation applications such as robotics, motion control, machine vision, machine learning and PLCs are many smart applications enabled by its TSN solutions.

“TSN is the Layer-2 standard of Industry 4.0, and NXP is contributing to the comprehensive development ecosystem for the CC-Link IE TSN protocol to run over open TSN-based networks. Providing the full communications stack, our gigabit Ethernet support on NXP’s LS1028A for high-end controllers and our i.MX RT1170 for industrial endpoints deliver one of the most complete solutions available,” Jeff Steinheider, director of Global Industrial Applications Processor Product Marketing, NXP.

“The solutions offered by NXP for real-time communication via TSN provide an excellent basis for TSN-based communication solutions. Port GmbH offers a complete Industrial Communication Framework (ICF) for the integration of CC-Link IE TSN on NXP’s i.MXRT1170 and LS1028A platforms. The ICF contains a CC-Link IE TSN master station stack, CC-Link IE TSN remote station stack and the ICC - tool (Industrial Communication Creator) for configuring the remote stack,” Dietmar R. Franke, port industrial automation GmbH CEO.

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