Smallest and smartest 100W charger reference design

24-03-2021 | GaN Systems | Design & Manufacture

GaN Systems has released what it claims is the industry’s smallest 100W dual USB-C intelligent PD GaN charger. This turnkey reference design delivers the highest power density of any 100W charger on the market whilst being the smartest. The charger can balance and appropriately power a mixture of plugged-in device power level combinations from a single 100W device, two devices at 65W and 30W, or two 45W or 30W devices. Furthermore, when the power draw is under a certain threshold, the charger shifts to a higher efficiency mode to maximise performance further and lessen energy loss.

The charger reference design includes prototypes and documentation (schematics, PCB layout, BOM, and design guideline) to reduce design cycles and speed up product launches.

“Consumers have spoken, and they want GaN chargers. 65 watts was the start, and now everyone wants 100 watts and multiple ports,” says Jim Witham, CEO of GaN Systems, “Our design, validated by leading customers, is the highest performance, smartest, and smallest charger design that gets customers’ products to market in record time.”

By Natasha Shek