Rocker actuator thermal circuit breakers are fully customisable

23-03-2021 | Mouser Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Schurter TA36 Rocker Actuator Thermal Circuit Breakers, available now from Mouser, offer a high UL rating of 277VAC and are available in one or two-pole versions with compact dimensions. The circuit breakers provide both the function of an appliance switch and thermal overcurrent protection in a 0.05A to 20A rated current range. The switches are intended for efficient snap-in mounting and are equipped with plug-in connections (Quick-Connect).

Fully customisable, the circuit breakers are provided with three colour options for the flange, seven colour options for the actuator, and five different types of marking. The circuit breakers are excellent for employment in industrial, medical technology, and consumer goods applications.

Typical applications include power tools, medical and laboratory equipment, industrial appliances, equipment for construction, cleaning equipment, commercial and household kitchen appliances, industrial power, and industrial lighting arrays.

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