Precise timing grandmaster with gateway clock offers software-based redundancy

19-03-2021 | Microchip Technology | Test & Measurement

Microchip Technology has launched its TimeProvider 4100 Release 2.2 grandmaster, offering a new level of resiliency with the release of an innovative redundancy architecture, also to support for a multi-band GNSS receiver and enhanced security to assure always-on precise timing and synchronisation.

The company's grandmaster offers redundancy through software implementation, allowing flexible deployment and lower hardware costs without sacrificing ports.

Also, the grandmaster offers an increased level of resiliency by supporting a new GNSS multi-band, multi-constellation receiver to protect against time delay occurring from space weather, solar events and other disruptions that can impact critical infrastructure services. Multiband GNSS is especially important for the highest accuracy levels, including PRTC-B (40ns) and ePRTC (30ns).

“Resilient, redundant and secure precise timing and synchronisation solutions are necessary to mitigate security risks to critical infrastructure,” said Randy Brudzinski, vice president and general manager of Microchip's frequency and time business unit.

“This latest release brings an innovative software redundancy that enables always-on technology as well as support for multiband GNSS to eliminate ionospheric time error delays. It provides new key security, anti-jamming and anti-spoofing so critical infrastructure services can be accessed only by authorised, authenticated personnel.”

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