High-efficiency infrared light source has excellent thermal properties

05-03-2021 | Wurth | Lighting Technologies

W├╝rth Elektronik complements its infrared product range with its new WL-SIQW SMT Infrared QFN LED Waterclear product series. The LEDs in QFN format are offered in 2720, 3535 and 3737 packages with different radiant intensities from 125 to 800mW/sr and in 90, 120 or 150-degree beam angles. Depending on the application, the infrared sources are provided in wavelengths of 850nm or 940nm.

These SMT-mountable components are ideal for an extensive range of applications in the fields of infrared cameras, night vision, surveillance and security solutions, as well as face and motion detection or biometric identification. With the compact QFN format, the company achieves excellent thermal properties for the powerful LEDs and assures stable, reliable contacts on standard solder pads.

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