FIPS series offers leading multi-user authentication security solution

17-03-2021 | Advantech | Subs & Systems

Advantech has announced the TCG-OPAL compliant SQFlash 840F and 920F series. SQF920F/840F achieve excellent data security by hardware-based AES encryption. These advanced security features conform to FIPS 140-2 from the US NIST. The company's SATA/PCIe SSDs achieves superior performance, better durability, and higher-capacities to applications handling sensitive data or needing increased security.

FIPS 140-2 certification requirements for storage products used in the government/public sector will be enforced in three years. FIPS self-encryption drive certified storage products satisfy US federal government secure storage demands and comply with specified encryption algorithms, assuring that SSD internal data handling procedures meet NIST standards. Certified solutions provide safe data storage to diverse security-sensitive applications in infrastructure, healthcare, defence, and finance.

To meet the demands of different applications, the series SSD products offer TCG-OPAL compliant AES-256 crypto-engines for advanced self-encryption. This encryption supports read and write protection control and market-leading in-the-drive multi-user and multi-secure zone authentication mechanisms. These characteristics can be controlled using DeviceOn/SQ Manager's security package provided on Linux or integrated into BIOS. Also, the firmware is assigned a digital signature on firmware code to prevent further unauthorised changes to the SSD's root. These devices deliver further stability through a power-on self-test of all cryptographic related hardware engines. Furthermore, the product is supplied with physical tamper-proof protection to stop data theft from outside intrusion.