DIN-rail modules temperature range improved with new integrated fan

01-03-2021 | Sfera Labs | Subs & Systems

Sfera Labs offers greater operation reliability for its Raspberry Pi Model B DIN-rail modules, now available with internal active cooling. The company’s Strato Pi Fan can be incorporated as an optional extra to enhance the thermal management of these modules. This indicates that it will be possible for them to be deployed in applications where elevated temperature levels need to be contended with.

The device is a high-performance temperature-controlled fan offering compact dimensions and a low profile. It can be factory installed into all of the following modules prior to shipment: Strato Pi Base, Strato Pi UPS and Strato Pi CAN, and the Iono Pi and the Pi Touch Display units. The fan is mounted right above the Raspberry Pi CPU to provide optimal heat dissipation. The fan speed is 9100RPM and can deliver 4.9CFM of airflow. The noise level is just 23.6dBA.

As well as being offered with the company's Raspberry Pi Model B DIN-rail modules, the device can be provided as a separate stand-alone board. Due to its slim design and pass-through installation on the GPIO connector, this hardware is mechanically and electrically compatible with many third-party expansion boards currently available.

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