Cost-effective vibration-based energy-harvesting generator

04-03-2021 | Mouser Electronics | Subs & Systems

Xidas VEG Vibration-Based Energy-Harvesting Generator, available now from Mouser, uses novel electromagnetic technology to convert small vibrations in the environment into electrical energy. At low vibration profiles of sub-100Hz and sub-1g accelerations, the device can generate over 10mW of power. This device is created to provide a highly cost-effective power solution to wireless sensor and IoT applications.

The generator is intended to generate power from a specific resonant frequency. The company provides a range of VP3 models that are tuned for 30Hz (10-301100), 50Hz (10-301200), and 60Hz (10-301300). The common resonant frequency of the vibration source defines which VP3 model should be employed.

The device is provided with the intent to be created within a wireless sensor enclosure. It offers a compact 52mm (diameter) x 24mm (height) form factor and weighs just 90g.

Typical applications include power for wireless sensors, machine condition monitoring, environment monitoring, fleet management, and asset tracking.

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