Comprehensive professional visualisation product portfolio now available

25-03-2021 | Arrow | Subs & Systems

Arrow Electronics has an agreement with NVIDIA to distribute its professional visualisation product portfolio, including Arrow’s complete service offerings to designers and engineers.

The portfolio gives high-performance visual computing required in markets that include product design, architecture, media and entertainment, and scientific visualisation.

“The world of professional visualisation is evolving rapidly, with advanced engineering simulation and immersive VR becoming common across industries, while millions of professionals have shifted to working from home,” said Salesh Rampersad, president of Arrow’s global services business. “Integrating NVIDIA professional visualisation solutions into Arrow’s comprehensive services portfolio, including design engineering, integration, and post-support services, provides the development community comprehensive AI solutions while accelerating time to market.”

“The rapidly evolving fields of AI, graphics, HPC, and networking demand the world-class solutions and services that Arrow Electronics has been offering their customers for years,” said Geoff Fancher, vice president of global distribution at NVIDIA. “Adding an NVIDIA professional visualisation line to their offerings helps Arrow meet the growing demand for remote work and high-end graphics workflows.”

By Natasha Shek