AI camera processing functionality solutions now available

30-03-2021 | New Yorker Electronics | Subs & Systems

New Yorker Electronics is expanding its capabilities in the design and manufacture of high-end camera solutions with advanced AI processing from VVDN Technologies. VVDN’s expertise in state-of-the-art intelligent camera platforms incorporating AI processing functionality enables NYE to achieve high-speed edge analytics with decreased power consumption worldwide.

High-end platforms extend the possibilities to develop AI-equipped cameras/vision solutions, allowing a diverse range of applications in surveillance, consumer, retail, enterprise, fleet management, smart city and industrial equipment industries. The company's experience in developing and manufacturing in the camera/vision space enables OEMs and product companies to develop Dash Cams, Security Surveillance Cameras/NVRs, Video Conferencing Cameras, 360 Degree High-End Cameras, Thermal Cameras with Video Analytics, and Automotive Solutions.

According to Sreejith C, vice president of VVDN’s Vision Business Unit, said: “VVDN is investing in Vision space and one of the major focus areas of the camera/vision industry is High-End Intelligent Platforms which is considered to be the next milestone in the vision space.” He added, “Our team comes with proven and deep expertise in areas such as dual-sensor integration, video stitching, image tuning, AI/ML, data modelling, edge computing which helps in delivering sophisticated and secured camera-based solutions to customers.”

VVDN president of Engineering Vivek Bansal said: “Customers are looking for solutions powered by the latest advances in Camera, AI and Computer Vision. The industry demands powerful on-device intelligence, camera processing and security. Fully understanding the rise of AI on edge, VVDN has invested a lot in gaining competency on the latest platforms available from all major silicon companies in the market.”

By Natasha Shek