Vehicular MIMO antennas offer excellent cross-horizon Wi-Fi and cellular coverage

10-02-2021 | Mouser Electronics | Subs & Systems

Laird Connectivity Vehicular MIMO Antennas, available now from Mouser, are multi-port antennas with 4G/LTE ports, dual-band Wi-Fi ports, and a GNSS port. These rugged, high-performance antennas provide outstanding cross-horizon Wi-Fi and cellular coverage.

The vehicular MIMO antennas provide an active GNSS module that supports GPS, GLONASS, and compass/Beidou navigation systems. The GNSS module comprises a frequency range of 1559MHz to 1606MHz and provides excellent out-of-band rejection via two-stage filtering that gives over 80dB isolation. These MIMO antennas cover the 698-960MHz/1710-2700MHz and 2300-2700MHz/4900-5900MHz frequency ranges with an added global navigational antenna. The vehicular MIMO antennas are contained in a low-profile rugged enclosure that meets IP67, EN61373 shock and absorption, and EN50155 temperature and humidity standards.

Typical applications cover FirstNet/public safety, passenger fleet, commercial vehicle fleet, and rail transit.

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