Ultra-wide 10:1 DC input range converter for harsh operating environments

01-02-2021 | Murata | Power

Murata has released a new 300W chassis mount ultra-wide 10:1 DC input range converter with patented inrush current control topology and providing high efficiency of more than 92%. The IRV300 is a fit-and-forget module intended for harsh operating environments in railway and industrial applications. The device conforms to EN50155, EN50121, and EN45545, and offers an operating ambient temperature range of -40C to +85C.

The device covers an ultra-wide DC input voltage range of 16.8VDC to 160VDC, accommodating all potential battery sizes with a single part number. Single 300W outputs of 12V, 24V, and 54V are offered with output voltage adjustment ability of up to ±15%, which covers all major application voltages. Galvanic isolation between the input and output is more than 4kVDC.

Standard features include enable on/off, input undervoltage lockout adjustment, wide output voltage adjustment range, and LED indicator. Optional features include a hold-up capacitance for class S2 applications and OR’ing FETs for parallel redundancy. The device also offers self-protection to external short circuits, over current protection and over-temperature protection with self-resetting capability.

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