TOF real-time 3D distance measurement sensor delivers stable detection performance

09-02-2021 | TTI Europe | Test & Measurement

The Omron B5L is a TOF sensor, available now from TTI Europe, uses flight time of light to sense distances to humans or objects. As well as being capable of turning captured images into 3D images, it can measure at a speed of 20 frames per second, enabling it to track the movement of objects three-dimensionally. The sensor module combines a broad range of the company's proprietary technologies in a single product. This comprises ambient light immunity capable of producing stable detection performance, free from saturation, even in direct sunlight.

Its high precision delivers high output accuracy for compensated signals and minimises control processing on the end user’s machine. Long-term durability is assured thanks to the company's unique circuit design, heat emission design and usage of LEDs for the emission elements.

Typical fields of application include factory automation, AMR/service robots, and logistics and conveyance.

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