Space-qualified COTS-based radiation-hardened power converters

25-02-2021 | Microchip Technology | Power

Microchip Technology has expanded its SA50-120 power converter family with nine new units based on its COTS technology. This technology gives developers with space-qualified power converters that assist to lessen risk and lower development costs.

The company's radiation-hardened DC to DC power converters – the only standard non-hybrid space-grade DC-DC power converters available – utilise surface mount component construction, allowing flexibility and customisation to fit specific applications and needs. The family, qualified to Mil-Std-461, Mil-Std-883 and Mil-Std-202, allows designers to start with proven COTS technology and swiftly scale-up development, lessening risk and development time.

The power converters use 120V input and provide up to 56W of output in a low profile, small-sized solution. These EMI compliant and radiation-hardened designs with single and triple outputs are excellent for Space Station and ORION program platforms. The units employ switching regulators that utilise peak current mode controlled single-ended forward converter topology with inherent single-event immunity. Providing eight million hours MTBF and up to 87% efficiency – the highest of any standard 120V input space-grade DC-DC power converter, the family maximises system performance and reliability. The units are qualified to 100krad (Si) TID and SEE greater than 80MeVcm2/mg and offer synchronisation, a TTL on/off command signal, and various protection features. Single output versions additionally offer remote sense, output voltage adjust and parallel connection functions.

“Microchip’s 30-year legacy as a space technology partner spans more than 50 successful programs and platforms,” said Leon Gross, vice president of Microchip’s Discrete Products Group business unit. “We continue to invest in the development of critical technology required for spaceflight.”

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