Precision installation/extraction tools for SMP and SMPM bullet adapters

08-02-2021 | Cinch | Subs & Systems

Cinch Connectivity Solutions has released stainless steel installation and extraction tools for SMP and SMPM bullet adapters.

The company's Johnson SMP and SMPM bullet adapter installation and extraction tools enable engineers to work on high-frequency connectors without damaging them. The SMP and SMPM tools are designed for use in Test and Measurement systems, Instrumentation Test Fixture Equipment, LAN Routers and Base stations, Phased Array Radar systems, Airborne and Ground Radar, Satellite Communication Equipment, MIMO and Active Antennas.

Johnson has expanded the SMP and SMPM portfolio with new product introductions of SMP/SMPM vertical launch, PCB mount, straddle mount end launch connectors and extended length bullet adapters. The SMP/SMPM connectors are constructed with high-quality beryllium copper and brass components and intended to meet MIL-PRF-39012 and MIL-PRF-39012 specifications.

By Natasha Shek