New function-rich resettable eFuse added to product portfolio

05-02-2021 | Toshiba | Semiconductors

Toshiba Electronics Europe has expanded its series of advanced eFuse ICs, with the debut of the TCKE712BNL. This new device will assure that the highest degrees of safety are continually maintained. It is aimed at a wide variety of consumer electronics goods including cameras, cordless cleaner and power tools, cleaning robots, smart speakers, servers, thermostats and wireless chargers, and more.

While traditional fuses, such as glass tube and chip fuses, shield power supply lines by breaking if there is excessive current, eFuses offer a far more effective alternative. Unlike outdated traditional fuses, they are intended to support repeated use (being automatically reset by an internal logic signal). These devices also provide faster responsiveness and have a higher breadth of built-in protection functions.

Displaying a 53mOhm on-resistance and with a trip time of only 320ns, the device covers an input voltage range covering 4.4V to 13.2V. It is feasible to adjust this device’s over-voltage threshold to fit with the particular application demands. Also, over-current (also adjustable), over-temperature and short-circuit protection mechanisms are included. A flag function transmits an external signal that will signal engineers of potential faults in the circuit design so that they can be addressed at the beginning of the development process. Due to the reverse current blocking feature, there is the scope for this device to be used in multiplexed systems.

The company's eFuse is provided in a compact WSON10 package measuring only 3mm x 3mm, thereby taking up minimum board real estate.

By Natasha Shek