New extension board supports all EPDs and an extensive free software library

17-02-2021 | Pervasive Displays | Subs & Systems

Pervasive Displays has launched the EXT3 extension kit and evaluation board, with support for its complete range of iTC ultra-low-power e-paper displays for commercial, industrial and retail applications, together with extensive software libraries to assist in reducing its customers’ engineering effort.

Many manufacturers are contemplating moving away from TN/STN displays to an ultra-low power e-paper alternative, where the image on the screen may be maintained without using any power. The kit assists engineering teams in evaluating e-paper technology before making system-level decisions. This incorporates determining which host microcontroller to employ, what screen size and colour to select, and the amount or type of memory required to achieve an optimal user experience.

The kit offers a simple way to accomplish these design objectives. It gives a convenient way to interface a host microcontroller and optional touch-sensitive panel to any of the company's E-Ink displays that utilise its internal timing controller technology. This covers its black/white and the black/white/red displays offered in multiple screen sizes and dimensions, from the 1.54" Aurora to the 12.2" Spectra.

“The new EXT3 board provides a simpler way of evaluating the many features and benefits of EPD technology, including fast and partial update,” said Charming Su, senior VP at Pervasive Displays. “Engineers can use the extension board to connect their preferred MCU to any of our iTC-based displays with hardly any additional engineering effort. This makes evaluation and development easier and reduces the customer’s time to market.”

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