New electronic connectors series for automotive applications

15-02-2021 | Kyocera | Automotive Technologies

Kyocera Corporation has launched a new 0.5mm-pitch floating board-to-board connector series (F/P*1 = 170%) for high-speed 16Gbps data transmission. The new 5652 Series connectors can float within ±0.85mm for simple and accurate mating.

The series is the company's first connectors to use the new 'FloXY' brand name, and the company plans to gradually expand the lineup in the future.

With the growing demand for smart cars, EVs, ADAS, and AD, essential to these systems are automotive devices such as Mobility Computers, IVI*2, and LiDAR, which demand connectors that can support high-volume, high-speed data transmission without latency.

The new series connectors are claimed to be the first in the industry to comply with USB 3.1 Gen.2 standards for high-speed data transmission and other standards, including PCIe Gen.1 through Gen.4, MIPI D/C-PHY, SATA 3.0, and USB 3.1 Gen.1.

These connectors are offered in a broad range of stacking heights, from 14mm to 30mm, facilitating more design options. They can withstand the extreme operating temperatures of up to 125C (257F) needed for in-vehicle equipment.

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