New 650V hybrid IGBT discrete family provides superior efficiency

10-02-2021 | Infineon | Power

Infineon Technologies AG has released a 650V CoolSiC Hybrid IGBT portfolio in a discrete package with 650V blocking voltage. The hybrid product family joins key benefits of the 650V TRENCHSTOP 5 IGBT technology and the unipolar structure of co-packed Schottky barrier CoolSiC diodes. With excellent switching frequencies and decreased switching losses, the devices are particularly suited for DC-DC power converters and PFC. These can generally be located in applications like battery charging infrastructure, energy storage solutions, photovoltaic inverters, UPS, and server and telecom SMPS.

Due to a freewheeling SiC Schottky barrier diode co-packed with an IGBT, the devices perform with noticeably diminished switching losses at almost unchanged dv/dt and di/dt values. They provide up to 60% reduction of E on and 30% reduction of E off compared to a standard silicon diode solution. Alternatively, the switching frequency can be increased at least by 40% with unchanged output power needs. A higher switching frequency will facilitate reducing passive components size and hence lower BOM cost. The devices can be utilised as a drop-in replacement for TRENCHSTOP 5 IGBTs, providing an efficiency improvement of 0.1% for each 10kHz switching frequency without redesign efforts.

The product family produces a bridge between pure silicon solutions and high performing SiC MOSFET designs. Compared to pure silicon designs, Hybrid IGBTs can enhance electromagnetic compatibility and system reliability. Because of the unipolar nature of Schottky barrier diodes, the diode can switch swiftly without harsh oscillations and risk of a parasitic turn-on. Users can select between a TO-247-3 or a TO-247-4 pin Kelvin Emitter package. The fourth pin of the Kelvin Emitter package provides for an ultra-low inductance gate-emitter control loop and decreases the total switching losses.

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