Latest podcast examines the extraordinary possibilities of everyday technology

08-02-2021 | RS Components | New Technologies

RS Components has released the second series of its factual podcast The Engineering Edge, developed by DesignSpark, the company’s engineering design community and platform.

In this new series, Dr Lucy Rogers, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and Professor of Creativity and Communication, is on a mission to discover how everyday technology can be applied in exceptional ways to produce an engineering edge. She travels the globe – virtually – to track down how inventors, engineers, and astronauts who use technology to help keep bees buzzing, provide humans a sixth sense, and change the future of space exploration. Over 12 episodes, Dr Lucy interviews guest experts, including entomology specialist Professor Christina Grozinger, award-winning technologist Jude Pullen, and European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti. She also recreates some of the technology in her home lab.

Mike Bray, Group Lead - Innovation, R&D and DesignSpark at RS, said: “Lucy’s podcast shows how engineers continue to innovate and create amazing new products and concepts using everyday technology. DesignSpark members have a passion for creativity, which this podcast series helps us celebrate.”

Professor Rogers said: “It was so exciting to hear and share the stories of incredible people doing amazing things with components available to everyone.”

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