Jetting solder paste designed for halogen-free no-clean SAC305 solder paste

23-02-2021 | Indium Corporation | Subs & Systems

Indium Corporation’s latest jetting solder paste, PicoShot NC-5M, has gained official approval from Mycronic as a qualified jetting solder paste. The paste and its associated purging gel are intended for customers requiring a halogen-free no-clean SAC305 solder paste for their Mycronic jetting systems or add-on and repair modules.

Developed with Mycronic, the paste is a no-clean, halogen-free solder paste created to satisfy the specifications of the company's MY600/MY700 jetting systems. It can be utilised in standalone applications such as SiP, jetting into cavities, shield attach, stencil-replacement, and microBGA. It also complements the stencil printing of Indium8.9HF. Created as a no-clean solder paste, it can be cleaned easily with industry-standard cleaning solutions.

The company also provides a PicoShot NC-5M conditioner (purging gel) to enable the rapid purging, cleaning, and long-term storage of jetting, dispense, and microdispense systems with no liquid solvents required. PicoShot Conditioner C-1 is a chemically benign, translucent, bright blue-coloured, viscous gel that assists in visual endpoint detection and stops inconsistent dispense volumes and clogging produced by solder paste dry-out.

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