Fully integrated solution for vehicle Ethernet audio video bridging

11-02-2021 | Microchip Technology | Automotive Technologies

Microchip Technology has released what is claimed to be the first hardware-based audio endpoint solution for AVB – the LAN9360, a single chip Ethernet controller with embedded protocols.

This audio endpoint controller interconnects vehicles’ infotainment devices comprising speakers, amplifiers, navigation systems, microphones, radio tuners and smart headrests with Ethernet AVB. The device links audio between Ethernet AVB and I2S, TDM and PDM local audio interfaces. It fully supports audio transmission over Ethernet AVB, including gPTP, timestamping, transport protocols and content protection with HDCP. It also supports secure boot and secure remote updates over Ethernet. Unlike other Ethernet bridging networking solutions needing SoC MCUs plus third-party software stacks, the device endpoint device needs no software integration, allowing designers to configure the device easily and quickly to manufacturers’ unique audio and networking requirements.

The controller has been validated to industry standards for Ethernet interoperability for AVB protocols. The device is validated to the IEEE 802.1BA-2011, IEEE 802.1AS, IEEE1722 and IEEE1733 specifications for Ethernet networks and is certified to the standards for AVB interoperability and reliability established by the Avnu Alliance consortium.

"In looking for an AVB solution for our Automotive Remote Tuners products, the LAN9360 allowed us to develop on a trusted platform quickly, without changing our current software," said Pierrick Labeau, research and development manager, FIAMM Horn and Antennas - Elettra 1938 Group.

“This endpoint controller is a single, smart chip for Ethernet interoperability in infotainment systems,” said Matthias Kaestner, vice president, Automotive. “In today’s rapid-pace design environment, this out-of-the-box device gives engineers a quick start to development and allows them to avoid months of engineering work and technical risks involved in coding or engaging third-party integrators.”

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