External antennas for use in heavy-duty and harsh-environment applications

11-02-2021 | TTI Europe | Subs & Systems

TTI Europe now stocks the full range of external antennas from AVX. Optimised for high-reliability applications in which elevated performance is critical, but where there are also space and weight restrictions to factor in, these components offer a captivating mixture of key characteristics. As well as the sturdy construction required to endure even the most challenging operational conditions, they have compact form factors and provide wide bandwidth capabilities. These antennas can be provided with cabling and connectors included, thereby expediting deployment.

The company's external antennas are ideal for a wide range of different applications such as mobile communication, IoT, healthcare, aftermarket automotive, industrial automation, smart agricultural, telematics, wireless access points, digital signage, PoS units, home automation, remote monitoring, tracking and logistics.

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