Accurate energy-efficient current monitoring in automotive applications

17-02-2021 | Microchip Technology | Automotive Technologies

To combat electrically noisy environments and meet the demand for higher accuracy current measurement, Microchip Technology Inc. has introduced its high-side current sense amplifiers — offering the industry’s lowest offset for AEC-Q100 Grade 0 qualified high-side current sense amplifier devices.

AEC-Q100 qualified, the MCP6C02 amplifier is provided in both a Grade 1 6-pin SOT-23 package and a Grade 0 8-pin 3x3 VDFN package. Providing a maximum offset error of just 12µV, the VDFN package gives the lowest offset voltage for any Grade 0 high-side current sense amplifier. Specified over a temperature range of -40C to +150C, its offset error enables smaller value shunt resistors while also sustaining a high measurement resolution. This allows a more accurate and energy-efficient current measurement solution for those applications open to extreme temperatures, such as the motor within a vehicle’s water pump. Furthermore, the VDFN package is processed with wettable flank plating, providing visual inspection of the solder joints and eliminating the requirement for x-ray scanning as needed for traditional DFN packages.

The MCP6C02 and MCP6C04 devices also offer an on-chip EMI filter and a zero-drift architecture. The EMI filter aids in providing extra protection against high-frequency electrical interference, including wireless hotspots and radio frequencies, while the self-correcting architecture delivers increased accuracy to current measurement. These features allow developers to produce higher performance solutions in a wide assortment of applications, such as building a current controlled feedback loop for a power supply or motor, monitoring and charging batteries, or monitoring current levels for safety reasons.

“The addition of high-side current sense amplifiers to Microchip’s portfolio augments our total system solution for critical functions such as motor control, power supplies and battery management,” said Bryan Liddiard, vice president of Microchip Technology’s mixed-signal linear business unit.

“Combined with our mixed-signal solutions, microcontrollers, power management and communication offerings, Microchip enables our clients to move quickly from concept to production by utilising a low-risk, proven supply partner.”

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