Wide input range EN51055 DC-DC converters for harsh railway applications

12-01-2021 | Luso | Power

P-Duke have increased its range of application specific rail products by adding two families of 150W and 200W 1/2 brick industry-standard footprint DC-DC converters. The devices are available now from Luso Electronics.

HAE150U and HAE200U are particularly designed to cope with the harsh environment encountered in railway applications. They provide an ultra-wide 10:1 input voltage range from 16V to 160V which incorporates all the usual power system demands of railway applications; with output voltages from 5V to 53V.

With a conversion efficiency of up to 93%. Plus, it lessens the necessity for hold-up capacitors by applying the improved hold-up function to satisfy the demands of supply interruption and change-over.

The devices include many features including over current protection, short circuit protection, output over-voltage protection, input under-voltage lockout, over-temperature protection, etc.

The devices satisfy all the usual safety specifications you would expect; IEC62368-1, EN50155, and EN45545-2.

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