Storages devices bring instant recovery for malfunctioning IoT devices

14-01-2021 | Innodisk | Semiconductors

Innodisk’s InnoAGE flash storage devices developed in partnership with Microsoft continues to expand. The new-patented recovery technology of on-site recovery and 24/7 no-man monitoring feature joins the InnoOSR (On-Site Recovery) and feature enhancement. Now the company's exclusive InnoAGE series can satisfy full recovery scenarios.

The latest addition to the series is the InnoOSR 3TO7, available in 2.5”, M.2 2242 and 2280, and mSATA form factors in capacities from 32GB up to 1TB. The new lineup brings excellent recovery triggered by one button touch, easily taking malfunctioning devices back to life with no time-consuming software-level recovery or costly remote recovery.

The new series lineup also incorporates InnoOSR feature enhancement, which automates its instant recovery functionality with the aid of a patented firmware-level heartbeat function. The result is an especially cost-efficient recovery solution that decreases 80% cost from technical maintenance. InnoOSR Plus needs no human intervention and 24/7 autonomous monitoring of edge devices, with OSR toolkit, simply integrated into any software/platform.

By Natasha Shek