Multimodal sensor front ends stimulate up to eight LEDs

19-01-2021 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Analog Devices ADPD4100 and ADPD4101 Multimodal Sensor Front Ends, now available from Mouser, stimulate up to eight LEDs and measure the return signal on up to eight separate current inputs. These devices provide 12 programmable time slots for synchronised sensor measurements.

The sensor front ends offer dual-channel processing with simultaneous sampling, flexible input multiplexing, and on-chip digital filtering. The ADPD4100 supports SPI communication, and the ADPD4101 supports I2C communication.

Typical applications comprise wearable health and fitness monitors, including heart rate monitors, heart rate variability, stress, blood pressure estimation, spot oxygen saturation, hydration, body composition; industrial monitoring covering CO, CO2, smoke and aerosol detection, home patient monitoring; different sensor measurements including photoplethysmography, electrocardiography, electrodermal activity, impedance, capacitance, and temperature.

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