High power density DC-DC converters in half and quarter-brick footprint

26-01-2021 | Murata | Power

Murata Power Solutions offers two new ultra-wide 10:1 ratio DC-DC converters, the 250W IRH-W80 half-brick and the 150W IRQ-W80 quarter-brick. Both high power density modules offer efficiency levels above 91% with a 16-160VDC input voltage range.

The modules are intended for embedded applications in the railway and industrial sectors. They meet with the requirements of EN50155, provided with qualification reports for vibration, shock, extreme temperatures and humidity. Typical applications incorporate powering equipment on board trains, including communications, infotainment and lighting, and from a broad range of battery voltages, that need a reliable DC source. The modules also can be employed in other industrial applications that function from batteries in harsh environments.

The devices have a baseplate operating ambient temperature range of -40C to 100C. Single 12V, 24V, and 54V output models are offered with galvanic isolation between the input and output over 4kVDC. Features incorporate remote enable on/off, a wide output voltage adjustment range of ±10%, remote sense, pulse out feature, hold up function, positive or negative enable and over current protection adjustment. The adjustable undervoltage lockout protection feature stops deep discharge of supplying batteries. The modules also offer self-protection to external short circuits, over current protection, and over temperature protection with self-resetting ability.

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