High-performance pneumatic clamps for automation and robotics applications

15-01-2021 | Elesa | Subs & Systems

Elesa has partnered with Misati, whose high-performance pneumatic clamps provide exceptional clamping action in work holding or transport of assemblies in manufacturing operations. They are intended for robotic use, are easy to install, robust and well-proven, with fast and reliable operation supported by simple power and control connections which allow rapid installation and setup. This easy installation with high-quality design and manufacture is derived from broad experience of the industry and means that customers can promptly connect and go. Typical applications can be found in warehousing, framing and assembly stations, welding stations, special machines, tooling, jigs and fixture manufacture, dies and mould making.

Explained Nigel Pritchett, Elesa’s MD in the UK: “The strong clamping action of the Misati range features mechanical interlock at closure with an integral non-reversible ramp mechanism which takes over when the jaws are closed, this ensures that peak loads are directly transferred to the body structure of the clamp and not reliant on the pneumatic pressure.”

Pneumatic clamps from the range are ideal for numerous industrial applications such as punching, fastening/assembly and painting, welding, with modular accessories that are convenient and readily interchangeable. These make fitting and adjustment simple, including gripper fingers for sheets or delicate materials, and irregular shapes, hollow objects/tubes - also visually indicating open/closed/ready sensors. The variety of cylinders and matching accessories suit engineering industries including automotive, special vehicles, rail, electronics and plastics production. They also work well in the wider fields of food processing, building construction, agriculture, furniture manufacture, chemical processing and pharmaceutical production, and the medical industries and similar.

Misati pneumatic cylinders offer a double-acting operation in diameters of 20mm, 32mm, 40mm and 50mm with three arm configurations dependent on the clamping arrangement needed.