Diffuse reflection photoelectric sensor with barrel sensor

22-01-2021 | RS Components | Test & Measurement

RS Components RS PRO Photoelectric Sensors are versatile and high-quality sensors that are an indispensable addition to any environment where detection of an object's presence, absence, or distance is essential to business operations, like manufacturing plants and industrial environments.

This photoelectric sensor employs the diffuse-reflective principle to identify the absence or the presence of an object by picking up the reflected infrared light energy from the object. The sensor gives excellent anti-interference performance, along with high detection accuracy, ensuring confidence and reliability. In addition to this, it has been created to be highly sensitive with high linearity and pinpoint accuracy for optimum performance with the reflector and receiver in one convenient housing.

This cost-effective sensor is simple to install and adjust to the necessary distance, saving valuable time and resource with minimal downtime. Photoelectric sensing provides increased usability, improved industrial design, and increased functionality with many different consumer applications.

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