Ultra-high-speed 5G router provides a powerful edge computing gateway

10-12-2020 | Advantech | Subs & Systems

Advantech has introduced its ICR-4453 ultra-high-speed 5G NR (New Radio) router, and powerful edge computing gateway concentrated on the global market. The 5G 'gigabit' speed, offers low latency and assured quality (SLA) of connectivity and is a genuine step forward to massive IoT and enhanced mobile broadband applications. The router also provides remote configuration, management and diagnostics.

Typical target markets are high data demand applications including mobile internet access, industrial systems and utilities, CCTV cameras and security systems, retail, medical, AV systems traffic management and primary and back-up internet services. The router supports fallback via LTE (LTE-A Pro) and 3G networks for areas where 5G coverage has not been developed yet.

The new router platform 'v4' offers intelligence at the network edge with a mighty Cortex A72 CPU at 1400MHz, 4GB eMMC memory, 4MB flash memory, and 1024MB RAM. The emphasis on high security is accentuated with the usage of Secure Boot, TPM 2.0, and a tamper button that provides safe use in critical infrastructure systems.

There is an existing free library of Router Apps, or the user can create their own app utilising Advantech SDK. The gateway can readily run applications like Node-RED or Docker (planned) that unlock the route to a multi-container world.

The device is designed and fabricated for employment in extreme environmental conditions and has a wide operating temperature range from -40C to +75C, input voltage range from 9-48VDC, is provided with sleep mode for lowering energy consumption and is packaged in a robust metal casing for wall mounting, with an optional DIN-Rail mount.

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