Two-wire hall effect unipolar/latch switches for a range of applications

17-12-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Diodes Incorporated AH32x Two-Wire Hall Effect Unipolar/Latch Switches, available now from Mouser, are high sensitivity, high voltage two-wire Hall effect ICs created for a broad range of applications. These switches offer built-in thermal protection that shuts down the chip if the temperature increases to an abnormal value. The chip automatically restarts when the junction temperature drops under the safe value. The switches provide a chopper-stabilised architecture and an internal bandgap regulator to give a temperature compensated supply for internal circuits. These ICs offer a built-in reverse blocking diode with a zener clamp on the supply for robustness and protection. The switches function at 2.7V to 27V supply voltage range and -40C to 150C temperature range.

The switches have integrated self-diagnostics and are automotive-complaint. The AH3241Q, AH3242Q, and AH3243Q 2-wire unipolar switches turn on the supply current (low or high) when the flux density surpasses BOP. The output is maintained until a magnetic flux density falls below BRP, causing the output current to be turned off. The AH3280Q, AH3281Q, and AH3282Q 2-wire latch switches turn on the output current when the magnetic flux density is greater than BOP. The output state is held until a magnetic flux density reversal drops below BRP, causing the output current to be turned off.

Typical applications include position and proximity sensing in automotive applications, seatbelt buckle, seat position, window lifter, wiper position, and gear selection position.

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