Solid state relay delivers high DV/DT and a high blocking voltage

14-12-2020 | New Yorker Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

New Yorker Electronics has released the new Excel Cell Electronics ESR5 series of Power Type Solid Stay Relays. These relays are offered with or without LED Indicators. They are typically used in industrial, security, high power equipment, HVAC and control panels. The relays offer AC and DC outputs and have a comprehensive variety of available voltages including 60V, 120V, 240V, 280V, 380V and 480V.

Another significant feature of this series is that they are optically isolated, leading to the device’s low input power consumption. Other physical characteristics comprise its zero-voltage turn-on, zero voltage turn-off to minimise EMI EMI/RFI and its output snubber circuit protection. It also offers a high surge rating to enable lamp and motor load switching.

There are several advantages of the device’s SSRs to versus electromechanical devices, incorporating low power consumption, low leakage current, high reliability, stable on-resistance, extremely long life and small size. They exhibit fast switching speeds, high vibration and shock resistance without switching noise from contact bounce. The device includes an input LED indicator and supplies high DV/DT and a high blocking voltage. It is also TTL and CMOS compatible. An optional ECE Protective Safety Cover. Being transparent, the cover enables the LED to reach full intensity without being overdriven.

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