Security solution for next generation cyber-resilient systems

17-12-2020 | Lattice Semiconductor Ltd | Semiconductors

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation has announced the Lattice Mach-NX FPGA family, the second generation in its line of secure control FPGAs. Building on the abilities of the Lattice MachXO3D family, the FPGAs provide heightened security features and the fast, power-efficient processing required to execute a real-time Hardware Root-of-Trust on future server platforms, as well as industrial, computing, communications, and automotive systems. The series marks the third FPGA family developed on the Lattice Nexus FPGA platform in a year.

“The race is on between bad actors trying to exploit firmware vulnerabilities and developers designing server platforms with the security features and performance to stop them,” said Patrick Moorhead, president and founder of Moor Insights and Strategy. “Protecting systems requires a real-time HRoT with support for stronger cryptography algorithms like ECC 384 and new, robust data security protocols like SPDM. Lattice’s Mach FPGA families can simplify and accelerate implementation of these technologies for server OEMs looking to secure their platforms against cyberattack and IP theft.”

Esam Elashmawi, chief strategy and marketing officer at Lattice, added: “Securing systems against unauthorised firmware access goes beyond establishing an HRoT at boot. It also requires that components used to build the system are not compromised as they move through the global supply chain. When combined with the additional protection afforded by our SupplyGuard security service, Lattice Mach-NX FPGAs can protect a system throughout its entire lifecycle: beginning at the time components start moving through the supply chain, through initial product assembly, end-product shipping, integration, and throughout the product’s operational lifetime.”

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