Quadband VCOs offer wideband ability without compromising phase noise performance

09-12-2020 | Analog Devices | Power

Analog Devices now offers a series of quadband VCOs that provide wideband capabilities without compromising phase noise performance. When employed in today’s RF and microwave environments, the new VCOs deliver a wider RF response and more frequency flexibility than narrowband VCOs. They also offer lower phase noise than conventional single-band wideband VCOs, while continuing to deliver low current consumption. These features allow faster time to market for the end applications.

The series provides ultra-wideband capabilities with fundamental frequencies covering 8.3GHz to 26.6GHz. Also giving low phase noise, the VCOs do not generate sub-harmonic frequency tones. This blend of wideband capability and low phase noise is critical in many of today’s high-end instrumentation and aerospace and defence applications.

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