Portable label printer offers a combination of ability, print quality and speed

10-12-2020 | TTI Europe | Subs & Systems

Panduit has launched two new mobile printers, available now from TT Europe, that provide the best combination of capabilities, print quality and speed of use. The MP100/E is a compact, portable and economical thermal transfer printer for electrical, network, and safety labelling.

The printer and labels are created for industrial and commercial applications such as wire and cable labelling, network component labelling, electrical component labelling, and facility and general identification. Advanced technology, including Bluetooth connectivity, printing from mobile apps, and automatic cutter aid to save time, maximise versatility and increase labelling productivity.

The device takes a variety of continuous label materials, including self-laminating labels, magnetic tape, and vinyl tape. It prints directly from mobile devices or Easy-Mark Plus software from the company and offers an automatic cutter.

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