Palm-sized motherboard for smart applications with limited space

07-12-2020 | Advantech | Subs & Systems

Advantech has released its AIMB-U233 palm-sized motherboard aimed at smart applications. As the first Core i platform in the company's UTX motherboard family, the board inherits the highly functional small form factor design powered by powerful 8th generation Intel Core processors (i3-8145UE / i5-8365UE / i7-8665UE). This motherboard integrates high computing performance with diverse I/O ports and M.2 expansion slots, delivering an excellent solution for sophisticated digitalised applications, particularly those that need a small footprint, such as kiosk integration, medical and factory automation applications.

The motherboard is intended to satisfy the requirements of smart factories. Despite its compact size (112mm x 137mm), the board provides 4x COM, 4x USB, 2x HDMI, 2x GbE LAN, 16-bit GPIO and 3x M.2 expansion slots. Meanwhile, the Intel Core i7-8665UE processor ensures smooth performance for complex computing tasks.

The motherboard is furnished with TPM 2.0 to facilitate data security with hardware-based encryption and authentication. Meanwhile, to guarantee reliable operations, the provision of RAID support allows data mirroring to mitigate the impact of hardware failures.

The company integrates the palm-sized board hardware with its value-added software solutions to enable remote monitoring and preemptive maintenance and security. The OTA BIOS system delivers seamless updates and a backup recovery mechanism, significantly lowering the demand for servicing by equipment technicians.

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