New SiC FET devices set performance benchmarks

04-12-2020 | UnitedSiC | Semiconductors

UnitedSiC has released the first four devices based on its advanced Gen 4 SiC FET technology platform. Claimed to be the only 750V SiC FETs currently available on the market, these Gen 4 devices allow new performance levels, based on leadership FoM, that help power applications across automotive, telecom rectifiers, industrial charging, datacentre PFC, and DC-DC conversion as well as renewable energy and energy storage.

Offered in 18mOhm and 60mOhm options, these new SiC FETs provide unmatched FoMs with reduced on-resistance per unit area, and low intrinsic capacitance. In hard-switching applications, the devices display the lowest RDS(on) x EOSS (mOhm-uJ) producing lower turn-on and turn-off loss. In soft-switching applications, their low RDS(on) x Coss(tr) (mOhm-nF) specification gives lower conduction loss and higher frequency. These devices not only surpass current competitive SiC MOSFET performance whether running cool (25C) or hot (125C), but also provide the lowest integral diode VF with outstanding reverse recovery providing low dead-time losses and increased efficiency.

As Anup Bhalla, VP Engineering at UnitedSiC, explains: “These devices help address the challenges facing engineers working across sectors with the highest voltage and power demands - from DC-DC conversion and on-board charging to power factor correction and solar inverters.

“We will be announcing many new Gen 4 devices over the next nine months which will further improve on cost-effectiveness, heat efficiency and design headroom. This will support all sectors in overcoming the challenges of mass adoption and to accelerate innovation.”

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