High-temperature film capacitor series delivers longer life in harsh environments

18-12-2020 | New Yorker Electronics | Passives

New Yorker Electronics now offers the Exxelia Dearborn 560P product series, delivering unsurpassed performances at high temperature. The company developed the series as a cost-effective solution for high reliability and performance in severe environments.

The product series incorporates electrical performance between BOPP and PET while displaying a higher operating temperature and a longer lifetime. The PTFE 560P series is an ultra-stable 180C film capacitor, with rated stability of lower than 2.5% with capacitance from 0.22μF to 1μF under 250VDC to 800VDC. It provides the lowest loss characteristic of all film technologies with less than 0.1% at extreme temperatures (to 200C) with outstanding live performance in operation.

The series gives resistance to vibrations, shocks and over-voltage making it ideal for oil and gas applications as well as aerospace, defence and civil aviation. With no derating up to 150C, this dielectric polymer film capacitor supplants high-temperature ceramics and tantalums being an excellent choice for many capacitor applications in extreme environments, such as DC link and AC filtering.

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