Extensive range of laboratory equipment for all forms of work

10-12-2020 | RS Components | Subs & Systems

RS Components offers an extensive range of its own-brand RS PRO lab equipment. The range comprises a variety of lab machines, containers, and consumables to serve all forms of laboratory work in clinical, scientific, industrial or medical environments.

For cleaning small items, such as surgical and medical instruments, the slimline RS PRO 10L ultrasonic cleaner provides a 10-litre capacity and can fit neatly on a bench top. It offers fully adjustable modes, including temperature and timer controls, and an easy-to-read digital display. The machine provides a degas mode for the preparation of cleaning solutions, while the delicate and full power modes give greater control of the cleaning process. A drain tap, with a standard quarter-inch BSP thread, is included for easy draining. A range of accessories is also offered, including a wire basket.

For industrial environments, the free-standing RS PRO 36L ultrasonic cleaner offers a 36-litre tank, which is excellent for cleaning and removing dirt, grime, grease and corrosion from a mixture of large electronic and mechanical items. This machine incorporates a wire basket to stop damage to the transducers and removable castor wheels, permitting safe operation from a bench top or on the floor. For permanent installation of the tank, a half-inch BSP thread enables easy and safe draining of its contents. The ultrasonic cleaner offers adjustable temperature controls, as well as a timer, providing total control for the application required.

Both machines offer a rugged stainless-steel construction, providing a durable and corrosion-resistant cleaning unit. A range of the company's ultrasonic cleaning fluids is also available.

The equipment range includes an advanced selection of professional laboratory equipment, clinical measuring/dispensing accessories, and multifunction lab devices. As well as ultrasonic cleaners, the range offers wash bottles, pipettes, measuring cylinders, reagent storage bottles, screw cap containers, and centrifuge tubes.

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