Extensive range of circuit protection and EMI design kits for engineers

08-12-2020 | RS Components | Subs & Systems

RS Components offers an expansive range of design kits created by Würth Elektronik for engineers to employ during prototype development. The kits comprise a selection of EMC components, making an excellent match for signal and power integrity (common mode chokes and chip bead ferrites), overvoltage protection (varistors) and shielding materials.

The WE-SHC design kit for shielding cabinets provides a variety of standard tin-plated parts with a shielding effectiveness of up to 60dB from 500MHz to 3GHz. Comprising a grid frame and removable cover, the kit is provided in both THT and SMT versions. The shielding cabinets stop EMI radiation from the PCB and to maintain sensitivity low for RF output stages, RF input and amplifier stages, oscillators, and EMC sensitive parts in plastic cases.

If none of the company’s standard shielding products fit in the application, the ShielDIY design kit is excellent for fast prototyping. It comprises a 0.2mm thick nickel-silver sheet, which delivers the same performance of tin-plated steel, with lines etched every 5mm for easy bending and cutting. To construct the shielding cabinet prototype, just cut along the etched lines before bending to acquire the desired shape. The kit is offered in both THT and SMT versions.

The WE-SECF SMT EMI contact finger design kit provides a selection of parts in different shapes and sizes. The CuBe and Au materials make the EMI fingers resistant to corrosion, high temperatures and wear. Contact fingers are commonly used as a connection between signal and power supply boards, PCBs and other external elements.

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