Complete suite of radar sensor solutions that can surround vehicles

11-12-2020 | NXP | Automotive Technologies

NXP Semiconductors offers a complete suite of new radar sensor chipset solutions that can surround vehicles in a 360-degree safety cocoon and allow the identification and classification abilities of imaging radar. The solutions, composed of new NXP radar processors and 77GHz transceivers, provide carmakers flexible and scalable configurations that meet NCAP necessities for corner and front radar applications while providing 4D imaging radar’s first commercially viable path to volume production. 4D imaging radar extends radar’s capabilities from measuring range and speed to incorporate direction, angle of arrival, and elevation measurement. Altogether, these solutions are part of the endeavour to reduce the 1.3 million yearly road deaths and represent radar’s evolution as a major part of driver assistance systems.

Radar is a core ADAS technology for traditional carmakers focused on automated driving levels 1-3 and for mobility as service innovators creating robotaxi and safe delivery applications for levels 4 and 5 automation. The company's new suite of radar sensing solutions satisfy both scenarios and offer a dedicated and optimised approach with essential scalability and design re-use to aid carmakers in addressing the requirements of their diverse brand and model portfolios. This flexibility allows performance tailoring for the appropriate use case, lessens R&D effort and can quicken time to market.

“Radar has evolved from just detecting other cars’ velocity and distance to providing imaging radar’s high-resolution object and feature detection for precisely mapping the car’s surroundings,” said Torsten Lehmann, EVP and GM, Radio Frequency Processing, NXP. “Our new radar sensor solutions can help customers cover NCAP requirements to make driving safe, and also address the frontier of ADAS sensing on the path towards fully autonomous vehicles.”

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