Next-generation standard for industrial server grade computer-on-modules

06-11-2020 | Advantech | Subs & Systems

Advantech, a member of the PICMG COM-HPC sub-committee and solution provider for A-IoT platforms and building blocks, has announced the COM-HPC. The new standard will be the technological platform for a series of high-performance Computer-on-Modules to be released by the company as an extension of its portfolio. They will be developed to satisfy the stringent demands of next-generation IoT markets, where they have to handle and process very high amounts of data.

This new standard was essential as the existing standard COM Express Type 7 is not capable of handling the demands of new needs, such as 5G-data communication. Upcoming applications will be the real-time data synchronisation and the processing of machinery in factory lines - or different locations - for industrial automation. Defence-systems, medical imaging applications and warehouses operating robots will also be typical use-cases for this high-performance module.

"PICMG Is excited about the pending completion of the COM-HPC specification. Advantech continues to be a leader in IoT intelligent systems and embedded platforms. Their commitment to the development of COM-HPC will lead to the rapid adoption of the forthcoming open specification." said by Jessica Isquith, PICMG president.

All five COM-HPC module standards (A-E) will use 800 pins via two new high-speed connectors with at least 4 x 100 pins each and 2 x 400-pin board-to-board connectors.

The standard supports higher bandwidths through innovative BGA-type board-to-board connectors. These solutions provide PCIe 4.0 and PCIe Gen 5 (32GT/s) support, and can be scaled up to 65 lanes. They feature ports for 4 x USB 4.0 or USB 3.2 Gen. 2 x 2, up to 10GBASE-T and 8 x ports 25GBASE-KR with sideband signals. The standard also provides more low power I/O such as 12 x GPIO, SPI, IPMB, I2C, and SMBus for intelligent system management.

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