New spectrum/vector network analyser offers reliable automatic measurements

10-11-2020 | Saelig | Test & Measurement

Saelig Company has introduced the Siglent SVA1075X Spectrum/Vector Network Analyser. The device is a powerful tool offering reliable automatic measurements for measuring the performance of RF circuits and networks, including amplifiers, filters, attenuators, cables, and antennas. With a wide frequency range from 9kHz to 7.5GHz, the analyser provides reliable automatic measurements with its built-in tracking generator and multiple modes of operation. It can function as a vector network analyser, a frequency domain reflectometer for distance-to-fault location, and a modulation analyser. User-friendly operation is enhanced by choice of its 10.1" (1024x600) multi-touch screen, mouse, or keyboard input. Remote control is also possible via a web browser or a local PC (SCPI, Labview, IVI ; based on USB-TMC, VXI-11, Socket, Telnet).

The phase behaviour of networks can be extremely important, particularly in digital transmission systems. With its built-in preamplifier, the analyser measures the signal magnitude and phase to quantify reflection coefficients or return loss. Understanding of the phase of the reflection coefficient is especially important for matching systems like antennas in maximising power transfer. S-parameters are decided by measuring the magnitude and phase of the incident, reflected, and transmitted signals with the output terminated with a load that is equal to the characteristic impedance of the test system. This technique can be employed to measure the rise time of amplifiers, filters, and other networks.

Further broadcast measurement functions are offered, such as channel power, occupied bandwidth, carrier-to-noise ratio, harmonics, third order intercept and spectrogram. The optional Vector Signal Analysis provides detailed modulation analysis. Signal distortion and interference can readily be visualised within a constellation diagram. Phase or magnitude errors, as well as the error vector magnitude, can be determined for PSK, MSK or QAM modulated signals. These options together allow the analysers to become powerful transceiver debugging tools. For electromagnetic pre-compliance testing, an EMI filter (200Hz, 9kHz, 120kHz and 1MHz) and quasi-peak detector package can facilitate EMC pre-compliance measurements. To meet the demands of antenna installations, the optional Distance-to-Fault measurement function allows the user to detect defects on cables or improper connections.

Applications include broadcast monitoring/evaluation, site surveys, S parameter measurement, cable/ antenna testing, analog/digital modulation analysis, EMI pre-compliance test, R&D, education, production, and more.

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