New model in series of 5MP 3D snapshot sensors

30-11-2020 | LMI Technologies | Test & Measurement

LMI Technologies has released its Gocator 3520 smart 3D snapshot sensor. The latest addition to its series of 5MP 3D snapshot sensors, the device presents an expanded field of view with the same high XY resolutions, short exposure times, and fast data acquisition rates needed to accomplish the metrology-grade inline quality inspection.

The device continues to expand the types of applications customers can solve with company’s stereo 3D snapshot sensor technology, comprising robot-driven quality control and inspection of objects with start-stop/go motion in inline production systems.

The sensor’s larger field of view and shorter clearance distance enables users to minimise the travel distances of the robot arm, improving overall inspection coverage. This design also delivers a greater range of robot movement to aid various scan angles.

The device’s high-intensity LED projector provides the short exposure times and fast scan rates needed to generate high-quality scans with the minimum of motion blur generated by target vibration or movement jitter. The sensor’s 5MP stereo camera design maximises data capture by triangulating three ways to minimise occlusion.

“The Gocator 3520 is a new addition to our 5Mp stereo snapshot series that expands the field of view while maintaining high XY resolution and leveraging brighter projector output. This combination delivers smart 3D inspection into many new applications including robot-driven quality control and stop-and-go part verification,” said Terry Arden, CEO, LMI Technologies.

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