New front-end module is ideal for IoT applications

30-11-2020 | Skyworks | Subs & Systems

Skyworks has introduced the SKY66121-11, a high efficiency, high performance transmit/receive front-end module that offers greater than four times range extension. The device provides low power consumption and allows fast switch timing in a compact 4mm x 4mm package. The SKY66121-11 is ideal for IoT applications including smart metering, smart city sensors, connected home, and industrial, scientific and medical.

All functionality is able to be controlled by a two-wire interface. The FEM can be placed in a deep 'sleep' mode, drawing less than 1μA of current.

The receive chain comprises a low-loss SPDT switch. Three separate VCC pins allow maximum RF isolation.

The device is packaged in a 16-pin, 4mm x 4mm MCM, which provides for a highly manufacturable low-cost solution.

By Natasha Shek